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Best Video Games of 2022

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Best Video Games of 2022 (So Far)

We are less than a third old, and gamers already have a record holder.

So far, you’ve been on Esquire’s list of the best video games of the year. Be honest with everyone? We really did not want to put it together this time. Not because your friends in the Esquire Gamer Zone do not like you. We are indeed Pinky’s Promise. This is because we’re still playing  Ring, and we really do not want to do anything that will interfere with our quest in Lands Between. If you ask us how many hours you spend in the game, we’ll cancel your Gamer Zone subscription. We have these powers.

Seriously, we’re about to be fired because we inactivated our works during two months of main  Ring discussions. But this year we played other games than Alden Ring, even though we did not always want to. Oh, polluted, gathered. From Pokémon Saga: Arceus to Nintendo Switch Sports, here are the best video games from 2022 so far.

1.Platform: Nintendo Switch

Best video game 2022

The spirit of Wii Sports is back in glory. While some reviews have been mixed (perhaps due to a pair of rosy glasses or a general desire for the youth), Switch Sports is a very fun and accessible game, and that’s what it takes. (But please do not kick my ass at pro bowling. You are all hacking, I still do not understand how you did it. Of course it is proof of how deep the control really is, but now is it just furious I’m gone.) Read our review here

2.Tiny Tina’s Wonderland

Best video game 2022



PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC

Here’s the formula for Little Tina’s Wonderland: Dungeons & Dragons + Borderlands = Great Marauder and Shooter. The new character creation system is awesome and I wish they would put it outside of this borderlands axe. Tiny Tina’s Wonderland is awesome, fun, and another fantastic fantasy experience. Read our review here

3.Sea of ​​Thieves (Season 6)

Best video game 2022

Xbox One, PC

I continue to invest in Sea of ​​Thieves because nothing beats the experience. Changed Sea of ​​Thieves features that fans have been talking about for years since the massive Pirates of the Caribbean update. (See: Buy chest of drawers, play the new story mode, dig in to create your own treasure map in case it gets you in trouble.) If you have not yet played Sea of ​​Thieves, now is the time to enter the best time to play. The sea has never been friendlier and more exciting.

3.oli oli world

Best video game 2022

Nintendo Switch, PC

OlliO World is full of energy, energy and fun on every level. This is the perfect skateboarding experience for the avid Tony Hawk Pro Skater skater who wants to rock the world with new gameplay and a truly great art style. Olli Olli World’s meticulously researched landscape will have you smiling from ear to ear. Fans of skateboarding, art and adventure time (!) should rally around this truly ingenious game.

4.lost ark

Best video game 2022



I love good . At the moment, The Lost Ark is an amazing piece of work. meant a lot to my education, games like and World of Warcraft monopolized my time, but a genre like Lost Ark has been pulling my claws on exciting for several years now. It has one of the best class designs and an addictive RPG I have ever seen.

5.Fortnite (zero build)

Best video game 2022

Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PC.

In the past two months, I’ve won more Victory Royales than my entire career. Well, I’m exaggerating and lying, my odds are actually impossible. Maybe it’s because Obi-Wan’s leaky skin irritates all my nerdy neurons, but more likely because you nerds can’t build anymore. Now you have no chance against my hip shooting tactics. Wait until I get the Obi-Wan skin.

6.Eldon Ring

Best video game

PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PC

My best guess? Game of the Year was released in February and it was the worst game yet since Ring. Sorry, I know we have to be hopeful – and of course Nintendo Switch Sports, Kirby’s new adventure, Tiny Tina’s Wonderland and Breath of the Wild 2. Given that I consider  Ring to be my favorite game of the past decade, not to mention of this year, I do not think the king will be overthrown.

Once you play  Ring, you will not be able to stop. Take it from lead actor Brady , Soul Source virgin. He was fascinated. (Editor’s note: I’m actually obsessed.) Play now. Then? Read our review. or vice versa.

7.Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Best video game 2022


Platform: Nintendo Switch

Pokemon is trending. With Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl released by Arceus last year, and the recently announced Scarlet and Violet coming later this year in our main year of 2022, there are tons of Pokemon to catch. One, if not the most delicious Pokémon I’ve ever caught. Maybe even one day. This is the first real new Pokemon game in years, and I want — no, I need more. Read our review here.

8.Forbidden World West

Best video game 2022

PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5.

Horizo​​​​n n Forbidden West is the long-awaited sequel to the long-awaited Horizon​​n n Zero Dawn, one of the best PlayStation exclusives of all time, along with God of War, Uncharted and Ghost of Tsushima. Forbidden West is arguably the best console game ever made, with great graphics, great boss fights, and an engaging storyline. Sadly, Sony’s masochists released the game before Elden Ring and Zero Dawn a few years after Breath of the Wild. It’s a testament to how much buzz these great games still make.


Best video game 2022

PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC

I’m sure we never played kung fu before Sifu. I thought we did it and then I played Sifu. It’s like taking Spider-Man’s fight from Batman: Arkham or Insomniac and expanding it so that every action is deliberate and tense. Sifu is challenging, but once you get the hang of the controls, the game will be second to none. Throw in a very interesting progression system and some of the best art designs we’ve seen and you have an absolute masterpiece.

10.Dying Light 2

Best video game 2022


Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC.

2022 is the year of system improvement. In fact, as I’ve been writing about video games, our roundup of the best games of the year has never had so many great games. Dying Light has improved several game mechanics, including an absolutely massive selection system with so many routes and endings, and a perfect parkour system combined with exciting combat. Dying Light 2 is a real blast. You’ll have a year-round backlog of games to play, with all the great deals coming in the coming months.


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